Borrow anything.

Pick anything from our app. Collect it from the locker in your reception. Return it when you're done.

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The future has arrived.

Buying stuff is outdated. We've carefully engineered the entire Utopia platform to be faster, better and sexier than buying stuff.

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Design is not an afterthought.

Elegant design is at the core of Utopia. We've made borrowing a delightful experience - not a hasssle.

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Smart Features

It's raining today. So we reserved you an umbrella; it's ready for you to collect!

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No queues, no waiting, no walking. Getting the things you need couldn't be easier.

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A network of lockers.

Halls, offices and apartments containing lockers form a decentralised pool of items in a city.

Get a Locker

Connected with riders.

Want something from another locker? One of our riders will move it to your locker. Access an entire city's pool of items, at the touch of a button.

Become a Rider
Together we build utopia.
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